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Complete guide to Apple's campus 2: Everything we know about the new spaceship

Amy Moore | April 6, 2015
Apple's building a new campus to compliment its campus at One Infinite Loop. Here are 46 facts about the new Apple campus, which is referred to by many as the 'Spaceship Campus' due to its flying saucer-like design.

31. Apple VP of Environmental Initiatives Lisa Jackson reiterates that 80 percent of the site will be so-called "green space", while the main building will go without air conditioning or heating for 75 percent of the year thanks to natural ventilation. Further, 100 percent of the campus' energy will be sourced from renewable assets like solar power and bio fuels.

32. Foster compared the new Apple campus to an airport, telling Architectural Review: "If you compare these very large buildings in terms of the area enclosed by the amount of external wall, they're very efficient, so they consume less energy. They're also a better experience, because you're not leaving one terminal, going outside, onto a road, or into a tunnel, or onto a train to get to another terminal. You're not worrying about what the hell is happening to your bags as they leave one place and you hope that they end up in the other place.

"Overall, it's a better experience - it's more sustainable, it's more economic. And, architecturally, it's more interesting. The same is true with the very large Apple building."

33. The new campus will reportedly use recycled water and will use 13,300 feet of pipeline to share the supply between it and Cupernito.

How much will the new Apple campus cost?
34. The budget for the new spaceship-like headquarters has ballooned from less than $3 billion in 2011 to almost $5 billion.

35. Not everyone is happy. It has been reported that angry shareholders have attacked the $5 billion project, labeling it wildly extravagant.

36. According to Bloomberg, although $1 billion is less than 1 percent of Apple's cash reserves, shareholders have complained that too much is being spent on this vast project while nothing is being handed back to stockholders.

What facilities will there be at the new Apple campus?
37. The main building will include a wellness centre. This $75 million fitness centre will probably cater for the needs of the entire Apple community in Silicon Valley, which is around 20,000 people.

38. The headquarters will be fitted with a new 1000-seat underground auditorium which will allow Apple to have presentations in the same building, instead of having to go to San Francisco every time.

39. The new underground parking facilities will increase the number of spaces from 10,500 to 14,200.

40. Due to its underground location, this will triple the amount of landscaped area in the campus.

41. Despite rumours and an unsuccessful campaign by David Greelish, Apple will not open a museum at the new HQ. As Phil Schiller explained, Apple is "focused on inventing the future, not celebrating the past".


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