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Classic Star Wars games X-Wing and Tie Fighter blast into

Hayden Dingman | Oct. 29, 2014
"Star Wars games suck. They're universally awful."

"Star Wars games suck. They're universally awful."

"Hey, not fair! What about X-Wing and Tie Fighter?"

"Did you really just cite two 20-year-old games to make your point in this fictional argument with yourself?"

Indeed I did.

May the force be with you

Okay, credit where credit's due: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: Battlefront were also great games. That's not the discussion we're having. Let X-Wing and Tie Fighter have their day in the sun — after much wringing of hands (force choking of necks?), is finally (according to a leaked forum post that at the time of writing had been taken down but preserved by Neogaf user Sir_Crocodile) re-releasing the two classic space combat games.

The price is perhaps a bit steep, at $10 each, but nostalgia knows no price. For that hefty sum you'll get the respective special edition of each game (which features any expansions, plus slightly improved graphics and sound) tinkered with, as always, to run hassle-free on modern PCs.

A few other LucasArts games hit GOG today, including the aforementioned Knights of the Old Republic. However, considering the other games have been available from Steam for the past...forever...Well, it's not quite as interesting as blasting through X-Wing and Tie Fighter again.

It's just the start of a much larger publishing deal between GOG and the company formerly known as LucasArts/Lucasfilm Games, though. As told by the now-deleted forum post, "The day has finally come and the holy grail of classic gaming has arrived on Welcome, Lucasfilm games! You are among friends, here! We're proud to announce a new partnership with Disney that allows for the DRM-free release of about 30 classic titles from the cult-classic developer."

Subtract the six released today, and that leaves 24 remaining LucasArts/Lucasfilm Games classics in the near future. Like, you know, that Grim Fandango remaster.


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