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Can Apple ever be doomed again?

Lex Friedman | Jan. 14, 2013
Some tech pundits ask, on occasion: Is Apple doomed? The answer right now is most certainly not. In fact, the better question to ask is: Can Apple ever really be doomed again?

Remember that Cook is also the guy who aimed to shorten the life of the "iOS 6 Maps are kind of lousy" story by not merely apologizing to Apple's customers about the problem, but also suggesting folks try offerings from competitors like Google and Microsoft instead.

If rumors prove true that Apple is working on a lower-cost iPhone to target the prepaid market (possibly a big if), that will show that Cook has also learned the positive lessons of Apple's history, that--despite its reputation--Apple can do quite well with lower-cost products like the iPod shuffle, the Mac mini, and the iPad mini. And Apple historically is quite comfortable releasing such products, even if they eat into sales of other products in Apple's catalog.

Doomed--to succeed

So the next time you hear a pundit claiming that Apple is doomed, that the company's fortunes will collapse imminently, or that some upstart competitor running a platform built by Google, Microsoft, or someone else will sentence Apple to certain death, remember this: The company has bucketloads of two important things--cash and leadership moxie. Armed with both, it will take a prolonged, cascading pile of defeats and mistakes for Apple to fail, and that just doesn't seem likely.


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