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Call of Duty: Ghosts aims for perfection

John Gaudiosi | May 22, 2013
PC gamers, get ready for a brand new Call of Duty game on November 5. The developers at Infinity Ward have developed a new game engine to push PC gaming, as well as next-gen consoles, towards more immersive and enthralling games. The latest game in the Call of Duty franchise, Ghosts represents a fresh start for the series with a fresh story and a new squad of soldiers. The multiplayer gameplay also includes some new additions, and we recently sat down with Yale Miller, senior producer on Call of Duty: Ghosts, to talk about what we should expect from the latest in a long line of excellent first-person military shooters.

How does the dog play a role in this new game and what's his name?
We don't have a name for the dog that I can share. Dogs are used in real-world combat and we worked with advisors who understood how the dog can become part of the squad and how dogs in real life become part of squads. It opens up a bunch of different gameplay opportunities and things that we wanted to do; it also helps portray the squad as a family, as you play alongside your brother and have the dog as part of the squad. It adds an emotional family dynamic.

How are you utilizing new technology to bring the next gen versions of Ghosts to life?
The new Call of Duty engine has allowed us to do tons of different graphical things that we've never been able to do. A feature called Sub D, where you're actually able to take a normal poly count object and boost it dramatically, ensures that the world never breaks down. We've all seen it in games before--the world looks great from afar, but as you start to get closer it breaks down and gets muddy.

The higher resolution textures afforded by Sub D and a bunch of different bells and whistles are making our characters and weapons look amazing. Things like environmental tessellation and displacement mapping allow artists to create amazing environments that look like they have real depth and geometry. A new light engine also adds iris effects and lens flares to help make a more immersive story.

What are some of the challenges when moving the shooter genre forward?
The challenge every year with Call of Duty is trying to make a better game. It's a challenge across the board. It's a challenge that the guys at Infinity Ward are really, really excited about every year. It's how do we improve multiplayer, how do we improve single player. We're trying to do that every year. Obviously, the new engine is allowing us to do a lot of things and go to places where we weren't able to go before.

What do you feel interactive elements will add to the multiplayer experience?
The dynamic maps add a whole new layer to multiplayer. It's not just that you learn the map and then you've learned it, right? There are dynamic elements that are sometimes environmentally driven. It will happen and you need to learn how to deal with those, how to use those for your strategy. Then there are player-controlled ones that can actually change how cover is used and maybe make a new entry or lock someone in an area. Using these adds another layer of strategy, which we think novice players and expert players are all going to love.


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