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Bungie COO Pete Parsons discovers his Destiny

John Gaudiosi | March 5, 2013
Pete Parsons, COO at Bungie, tells us about Bungie's upcoming online universe and how Destiny got the creative juices of his team flowing.

How did this impact the creativity of your team for Destiny?

It's an exciting time to be at Bungie and it started the moment we made the decision to commit the entire team to this single vision. That energy grows with each and every milestone. Every day I walk in the door I am inspired by the insane amount of talent that work and play within our walls.

What are the challenges that exist today in launching a new IP like Destiny?

We have a bold vision that requires a scary amount of art, design, technology, and creative focus to pull off. It's a huge challenge.

For example, our technology has to take this great action game, fuse it with a richly simulated world that we fill with unique player characters, each with their own history and unique abilities and characteristics. Our technology has to create a seamless social world where those players can meet up and experience their own shared stories, and it has to do it all invisibly.

How do you hope Destiny pushes the shooter genre forward?

We want players to tell their own stories. We're going to give them the ability to customize their character, and their experience. Then they're going to go on epic adventures with their friends. You can play Destiny solo, but we believe that everything fun to do in Destiny is more fun when you're playing with friends. It's that unpredictable human element that will create the most important moments in Destiny.

Can you talk about the technology engine, Grognok, behind this game and what you feel it opened up for your development?

We had to rebuild our engine and tools to support Destiny's enormous size, scope and vision. Our graphics engine, world builder, lighting engine, and more were all custom-built to support the team's vision.

But all the tech doesn't mean anything by itself. What matters is how it creates player stories. It's been a huge challenge, but we've already begun to see huge rewards for all the hard work.

How have you utilized performance capture or new technology to work with the actors in this story?

Bungie has our own full-featured performance and motion capture studio on site, lovingly dubbed "Spandex Palace." We're not ready to crack the lid on the story, or our talented actors yet, but it's something we're looking forward to talking about in the future.

What are you most excited about gamers being able to experience with Destiny?

I hope gamers will put Destiny on the same shelf of great memories as they put amazing entertainment experiences like Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark or Lord of the Rings. I believe the efforts and talent of our team is creating a universe that will ultimately have deep meaning for the people who come and visit our world.


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