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Bungie COO Pete Parsons discovers his Destiny

John Gaudiosi | March 5, 2013
Pete Parsons, COO at Bungie, tells us about Bungie's upcoming online universe and how Destiny got the creative juices of his team flowing.

Bungie has a hard act to follow-its own. With Halo selling over 50 million copies worldwide and still going strong under the new guidance of 343 Industries, Bungie has teamed up with Activision for a new transmedia shooter franchise called Destiny. While not an MMO game, Destiny is being designed using new technology from NVIDIA and a new game engine from Bungie to craft an overarching story that allows individual players to pave their own way through this sci-fi shooter adventure.

The gameplay will open up an experience that transcends different modes, including Destiny's story, competitive multiplayer, and public combat destinations. At the heart of this unique adventure is a fully customizable hero that players can create and build up with a near limitless combination of armor, weapons, and visual customization options. The universe will also likely expand beyond gaming, just as Halo has embraced comics, novels, Web series and at one point a feature film.

Pete Parsons, COO at Bungie, talks about this new persistent online universe and how Destiny got the creative juices of his team flowing in all new directions in this exclusive interview.

Game On: Where did the idea for Destiny come from?

Parsons: After Halo, we asked ourselves some tough questions. What was worth doing? What comes next? How do we turn a genre on its head? We have a studio filled with incredibly talented and passionate people, and we could have pointed them at anything, but we wanted to do something ambitious. That ambition was Destiny-a universe filled with mystery and adventure set within our own solar system. 

What were your goals heading into this new project?

We took all of our combined talent and experience and set out to make a game that would entirely redefine how people play action games. It's a Bungie action game set in a bold new universe. Players create their own unique characters that grow and change over time.

From the ground up, Destiny is built to be a social and cooperative game, but it's also filled with a broad range of activities, from solo to group, casual to intense and cooperative to competitive.

What was it like starting anew after being immersed in the same universe for so long?

Creating this world is the most ambitious challenge we've ever taken on. It's a new intellectual property with greater breadth of scope than anything we've done before. Huge worlds, larger than any we've ever built. And these are living, open worlds, with evolving stories, changing time of day, and plenty of players. That's a bold vision, but it creates a lot of challenges, because Destiny is unlike any other action game.


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