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Brands in Singapore need to improve their digital customer experience

Nurdianah Md Nur | July 28, 2016
Only 25 percent of consumers are satisfied with the digital offerings delivered by large and well-known brands in the republic, according to SAP's report.

Consumers in Singapore believe that brands in the republic need to improve their digital offerings.

According to SAP's Digital Experience Report, nearly a third (32 percent) of the consumers in the republic were unsatisfied with their digital experience, and only 25 percent of them were delighted with the digital experience offered by brands in the country.

SAP defines digital experience as how a brand digitally interacts with its customers during the discovery, purchase, delivery and support of a product or service.

Using the Net Promoter Score, Singapore's overall digital experience score is at -7 percent.

This poor score for Singapore should be a cause for concern among brands as it negatively impacts business outcomes, particularly when it comes to customer loyalty and advocacy.  

As per the report findings, consumers who were delighted with the digital experience were nearly eight times more likely to stay with a brand than those who were unsatisfied. They will also be 53 percent more likely to promote the brand to others.

Delighted consumers are more willing to share personal information

Interestingly, the survey findings suggest that brands that delight their customers can have greater access to personal data. Delighted consumers were found to be eight times more likely to share their personal data with their favourite and trusted brands than those who were unsatisfied. Personal data include educational level (47 percent), buying preferences (46 percent), personal profile (39 percent), personal finances (25 percent) and health records (25 percent).

The study also revealed the top factors that determine a consumer's digital experience. For consumers in Singapore, safety and security (55 percent) of a brand's offering is the topmost priority.

This is consistent with findings from consumers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand, said Darren Rushworth, Managing Director of SAP Singapore, at a media briefing. Collectively, 60 percent of the consumers polled in Southeast Asia rated safety and security as the most important attribute of a digital experience.

Besides security and safety, consumers in Singapore said that a service's availability to consumers at any time (33 percent), and the option to receive relevant offers without having to give up their privacy (30 percent) greatly affected their digital experience.

"Consumers in Singapore generally ranked functional attributes (, accessibility/availability) as more important than emotional attributes - such as making a consumer feel unique (13 percent) or important (19 percent), said Rushworth.

Commenting on the findings, Rushworth said: "Since Singapore is already ahead of the curve in building the world's first smart nation, its consumers are highly sophisticated in their digital demands. [This calls for brands to] adopt a clear digital strategy that brings together marketing, sales, services, and commerce to ensure seamless digitisation of the entire customer experience."


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