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Bombshell review: More "bad" than "badass"

Hayden Dingman | Feb. 1, 2016
Alternatively: Don't shell out cash for this bomb.

Turns out it was a big deal. After reloading, no enemies showed up. “That’s weird,” I thought, and I reloaded again. Three enemies this time, and then nothing. Reloaded. This time I managed to get the game to spawn the first wave or so of enemies by running to each entrance in a circuit, and enemies would dribble out in groups of two or three—but then that broke too. After about fifteen enemies, they stopped coming and the game did...nothing. Just sat there.


On and on and on. I reloaded that checkpoint for over an hour trying to prompt it into working. No luck. And because this game relies on a single checkpoint, I now had two choices: Lose three or four hours of progress and start the entire game over, or give up.

Luckily 3D Realms got back to me and told me I could edit an .ini file and restart just that one level—a.k.a. still lose about an hour’s progress. But I did it, and with a sigh and a few obscenities I started back through.

I encountered some more bugs and a crash to desktop, but it was going okay. I made it out of the Fire Planet and on to the Ice Planet, picked up some new weapons, mowed down a bunch of generic baddies, and listened to Shelly yell the same five lines over and over. But I was doing it.

2) And then my computer hard locked. Like, full-on “Ctrl-Shift-Esc doesn’t work, Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn’t work, nothing is responding, hold the power button to shut my computer down” hard-locked.

That’s it. Bombshell isn’t that great to begin with, but the bugs are really killing any remaining desire I have to see it through, so after six hours I’m throwing in the towel.

Bottom line

I do not recommend you play this game.


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