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Bombshell preview: 3D Realms' first action RPG is big, dumb, and explosive

Hayden Dingman | March 4, 2015
Do you remember when 3D Realms unveiled Bombshell last year? If you do, it's probably only because the original trailer was so bad it burned itself into your brain. Seriously, it's one of the worst teasers I've ever seen--something that first made you go "What did I just watch?" and then shake your head and go "Is this what 3D Realms has become?"

Right now though? Bombshell might be my biggest surprise of this year's Game Developers Conference. I came in expecting a disaster and left actually pretty excited about the game. As Schreiber wrapped up my demo, I had to ask: "What the hell happened with that first trailer? Because this looks way different than what I anticipated."

And with uncharacteristic frankness for a games studio, Schreiber told me. "That first trailer...We were pressured into doing something that we weren't quite ready to do. It links to that whole lawsuit with Duke Nukem." [Note: Details about the lawsuit in question here.]

"We wanted as quickly as possible to announce that we were doing a new game, just to get eyes off [the lawsuit]. We wanted to focus on the good new games that were coming out instead of Duke Nukem. All the bad stuff surrounding that character. So we prematurely revealed [Bombshell]. Doing a reveal that you're pressed into instead of when something's actually ready to reveal is never a good idea.

"When we released that trailer, we got a ton of feedback...bad feedback, from press. We read what everyone wrote about the game just so we could fix it. We started over, and this is the actual new Bombshell."

We'll see! The game's slated for this summer, so we'll take a closer look at it then. For now, I'll work on erasing that first trailer from my brain.


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