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BMC chief: Our going private is 'great news for customers, bad news for competitors'

John Gallant | Sept. 12, 2013
While Dell has captured headlines for months as it attempts the transition from public to private company, BMC Software went private on Tuesday without all the drama and shareholder fireworks.

What should your customers expect over, say, the course of the next year as a result of this move?
First, no big changes in terms of how they do business with us. They'll have continuity. They'll have their account teams. They'll have their support teams, the same great customer support that they've grown accustomed to. They should not expect any sudden changes. Over a slightly longer period of time, they should see us be more responsive to new technology shifts, more focused on the full customer experience, more flexible, easier to do business with, and more innovative.

Sometimes when companies go private they do that because they have some difficult things that they want to do out of the public eye. Should people expect any kind of restructuring or major changes in the way the company is positioned?
I would never want to say never, but there's no major restructuring/change in the way we do business planned out at this point or expected. Through the years as a public company, we would do that as we needed to. So I wouldn't want to say that as a private company we never would. But there's nothing specifically about being a private company that would make that more likely at this point.

You operate in a very competitive marketplace. How does this change the landscape for you?
I was thinking the other day that if one of our larger competitors announced they were going private it would worry me a great deal. As a public company you can only move so fast. As a private company you can be more aggressive, move quicker, and maybe be a little less predictable to your competitors. Our announcement, while it is great news for our customers, I think it is bad news for our competitors.


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