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BLOG: Why do movies look so fake on my new HDTV?

Adam Turner (via SMH) | July 11, 2013
If blockbuster movies look like a cheap soap opera, you might need to tweak the settings on your widescreen TV.

This Samsung I'm reviewing offers five Motion Plus settings - Off, Clear, Standard (the default), Smooth and Custom. I've found that dialing it down from Standard to Clear helps combat the soap opera effect, but you'll need to play around with these settings on your own television and find what looks best for you. The Custom option even lets you adjust the blur and judder reduction independently.

I've also found that dialing down Motion Plus reduces unintended pixelation in fast-moving scenes. You really notice it when you look at the wheels of a moving bicycle or motorbike -- perhaps while watching the Tour de France or a motorbike chase such as across the rooftops of the Grand Bazaar at the start of Skyfall. You expect the spokes to be a blur but Motion Plus tries to compensate and you end up with spokes which look like a pixelated mess. Turning down the Motion Plus helps reduce this effect.

While you watch the Tour de France, you might also notice that the mountains tend to shimmer and flicker in the long shots from the helicopter. The tiles on the rooftops might do the same. Turning down the Sharpness can help reduce this and make the picture look more realistic.

Everyone has different tastes, but don't be afraid to dip into the video options and find the settings which are right for you. Have you tweaked your new HDTV to improve the picture? What did you change?


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