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Being responsive and providing first-time resolution critical to customer experience

Adrian M. Reodique | Aug. 16, 2017
APAC consumers want quick response on their concerns, both through words and actions.

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What do businesses need to do to deliver superior customer experience? According to consumers in Asia Pacific (APAC), companies must not only be quick to provide response to customers' feedback, but also able to provide first-time resolution in order to achieve that.

This was the highlight of the study by experience management software provider, Qualtrics, which looked through the differing consumer perceptions. The study titled The Asia-Pacific Region's Changing Customer Experience Environment is based on a survey of 1,100 consumers across Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Majority of the polled consumers (83 percent) said they are keen to provide feedback and complete a customer experience survey. However, 37 percent said they are uncertain if the company will listen to and act on their feedback.

This should be a cause for concern for brands as being responsive to feedback is considered as important to respondents, especially to 75 percent of them in Singapore and Hong Kong.

In addition, an average of 39 percent of the respondents said they are unlikely to continue doing business with a company that does not respond to their feedback. This more critical in Singapore, as only 23 percent of the respondents are likely to continue using the brand that ignored their feedback.

Nearly half of the polled APAC consumers also expect brands to respond on the same day (46 percent). 

Moreover, respondents want their concerns resolved the first time. They were found to be most frustrated with having to ask for the same information multiple times.

The study also revealed that APAC consumers are generally open to the online experience and new technologies. More than half (58 percent) are open to making the leap to online-only offerings, while 48 percent are willing to deal with an organisation staffed by artificial intelligence (AI).

Even though respondents are open to online channels for services and feedback, they still want the option of contacting the organisation via phone. Nearly 9 in 10 (84 percent) of them thought it was important to display the company contact number on the homepage or within a single click of it.

Besides that, majority of the respondents (87 percent) believe it is very important that the organisation can be trusted with their data's security.

Summing up the findings, Qualtrics said brands today are witnessing an "experience gap" -- the gap between the experience the companies believe they are delivering and experience that customers are actually receiving.

"Consumers in Asia Pacific have a wide variety of choice and if they do not like the service an organisation delivers, they will simply find another organisation that does it better. Ultimately, brands need to understand that nailing customer experience management can generate immense rewards, while getting it wrong will result in loss of customers, decreased revenue, reduced market share and even a damaged brand reputation," said Bill McMurray, managing director of Asia Pacific and Japan at Qualtrics. 

Qualtrics thus advised companies to start collecting experience data besides operational data to help them reduce the gap while creating positive impact on its operational metrics.


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