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Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear review: A fitting end to a legendary game, 17 years later

Hayden Dingman | April 1, 2016
What's old is new again, and it feels like home.

But hopefully this isn’t Beamdog’s last bit of Baldur’s Gate content, because they’ve done an incredible job. As someone who first received Baldur’s Gate for Christmas way back in 1998 on six—six!—CD-ROMs, Siege of Dragonspear feels like a long-lost (and polished-up) chapter of the original, like it belonged from the start. That’s quite a feat, given the seventeen year spread in between.

Will it please every purist? Of course not. As with any beloved series, passions run high and nostalgia’s a hell of a drug. There are bound to be those who wish Beamdog had stuck to a purely conservationist role. But Siege of Dragonspear won me over, and I’d like to see what the team does next. Go for the eyes, Boo.

NOTE: I did encounter one major bug during the game. My character was teleported into an area for a single scene and then couldn’t get back out again. Luckily Baldur’s Gate is an old game and the cheats are well-documented, so I was able to manually teleport back out and continue playing. But I’ve raised the issue with Beamdog to see if they’re aware, and we’ll be holding our score until we receive a response.


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