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AT&T Mobile Share Advantage mimics T-Mobile, dropping overages in favor of throttling

Glenn Fleishman | Aug. 19, 2016
The telecom giant has also increased bandwidth for each of its price tiers and simplified per-line charges.

Consumers stand to save under the new plans. A two-smartphone household that previously had a 300MB plan and paid $70 a month could move to the 1GB tier under the new pricing structure and pay the same, because of the lower per-line fee. A higher-tier family at the 15GB level and four phones would be paying $160 a month today, and would pay $170 for 16GB or $160 for 10GB in the new pricing structure. AT&T has retained its previous rollover option of just one month, while T-Mobile’s spans the previous 12 months.

The combination of rollover data, throttling, and vastly less expensive bundles of 10GB could lead customers to shift lower. The same four-phone household paying $160 today could drop to a 6GB plan for $140 and pay an extra $20 just during months when their bandwidth needs are higher.


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