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Apple's new store has a tree-lined 'Genius Grove' and a fitting room for iPhone cases

Susie Ochs | May 20, 2016
The new flagship Apple Store in San Francisco has some updated design elements that could someday show up at a store near you.

Apple’s main flagship store in San Francisco, the one at 1 Stockton Street, has never been a particularly nice place. It’s on a busy corner with treeless sidewalks, and for the last couple of years, the street outside has been taken over by the massive Central Subway construction project. Inside the store is pretty basic, only a little larger than one you’d find at a mall, and just as generic when viewed from inside or out. It still gets a line when a new iPhone debuts, but Tim Cook makes his own appearance at the Palo Alto store instead.

The company is wisely replacing this with a brand-new flagship store a few blocks away, on San Francisco’s Union Square. It opens to the public this Saturday, and on Thursday, retail head Angela Ahrendts showed off the store to journalists, unveiling several new design elements. Some just seem like rebrandings: The space for educational workshops is now called The Forum and has a really big video screen, and the off-the-floor space where Apple reps help business customers is now called The Boardroom. But other changes could have a bigger effect on how you use the Apple Store, even if you never visit San Francisco. We hope they can trickle down to more locations, flagships and mall-sized stores alike.

A fitting room for your iPhone

Sure, you can buy iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches, and even Macs at an Apple Store, but we’re willing to bet a good chunk of the customers are there for accessories, like replacement cables and chargers, and of course a trusty iPhone case. Typically, iPhone cases sold at retail are packaged in boxes, so you can’t see how they feel on your phone unless you’re willing to rudely open a bunch of boxes, possibly destroying them in the process.

The new Apple Store in Union Square has a wall of cases you can try on your phone, letting you make a more informed decision: Does this case’s leather feel expensive? Does that case’s texture make it harder to drop? Does this one add too much bulk for my jeans pocket? It’s a great idea we’d like to see in every Apple Store.

A waiting area

If half the people in the Apple Store are there for a new iPhone case, the other half are standing around waiting for their friend and using the free Wi-Fi. Normally, a great place to do this is leaning up on the table where they show the iPods, but the new Apple Store in Union Square has integrated a “rejuvenated” plaza, nestled between the store and the Hyatt next door, as public space. It’s got seating, free Wi-Fi, and it’ll be open 24/7. (Although night owls beware: Union Square isn’t the most inviting place in the middle of the night.)