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Apple Watch vs Watch Sport comparison: Is it worth paying extra for the Watch?

Lewis Painter | April 6, 2015
Apple has announced three variations of the Apple Watch - the Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Watch Edition. The Watch Sport and Apple Watch are very similar, with only a few hundred pounds between them - but what are the differences between them? Read on and find out.

Watch Sport vs Apple Watch: Can I attach a premium strap to the Apple Watch Sport?

Despite the popular belief that you can't attach a premium strap to an Apple Watch Sport, you can - it's just that Apple doesn't offer you the opportunity during purchase. It appears that Apple is offering customisation of the Apple Watch, but only with watch and strap combos that the company has pre-approved.

While the sports bands are pretty cheap, coming in at £39.00, the price increase becomes more noticeable with the premium straps. The classic buckle, leather loop and Milanese loop all cost £129.00, with the price jumping up to £209 for the modern buckle and an eye watering £379 for the link bracelet.

So yes, while it is possible to wear premium straps with the Apple Watch Sport, it may not be worth it. Why? While the £379 link bracelet and £339 Space Grey Apple Watch is a cheaper combination than Apple's official Watch & link bracelet combo, totalling £718 opposed to £949, it just wouldn't have the same effect. This is due to the fact that the link bracelet is made from the same stainless steel alloy of the case, meaning that its integration is seamless and contributes to the premium look of the Watch. Paired with the anodised aluminium Watch Sport, it may look slightly odd - a big issue for some, especially with a fashionable device.

That's not to say that the other straps wouldn't look good on the Watch Sport. We personally like the Space Grey Watch Sport and black leather loop combo, but it's down to personal preference. There's an unofficial Apple Watch website where you can mix and match the different watches and straps to help you choose which strap to buy.

Watch Sport vs Apple Watch: Can I customise the colour of my Apple Watch?

So, will there be any way to customise your Apple Watch or Watch Sport? We've spoken to Riki, the MD of MendMyi who has said that the material used for the Watch and Watch Edition means that the company won't be able to customise them. The good news is that the company wants to try and re-anodise the Watch Sport model, and add the option to their Colour Lab service.

If successful, MendMyi will be able to offer the same colour options for the Watch Sport that they currently offer for the iPhone 5/5s. Riki also confirmed that the company would try to offer a gold option to replicate the £13,500 Watch Edition, but it's all down to how the Apple Watch is held together.


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