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Apple Watch vs Watch Sport comparison: Is it worth paying extra for the Watch?

Lewis Painter | April 6, 2015
Apple has announced three variations of the Apple Watch - the Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Watch Edition. The Watch Sport and Apple Watch are very similar, with only a few hundred pounds between them - but what are the differences between them? Read on and find out.

Apple recently announced the much anticipated Apple Watch in three variations; Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Watch Edition, with the latter starting at £8000. With the Watch Sport and Apple Watch having much lower entry points, £299 and £479 respectively, we decided to compare the two to find out what it is that you're paying for, and what the differences are between the two models.

Watch Sport vs Apple Watch: Price difference

Lets first talk about the price difference between the two models. The Apple Watch Sport is Apple's entry point, starting at £299 or £339 depending on whether you want the 38mm or 42mm variation.

If you choose the Aluminium Watch Sport, you'll have a selection of sport bands to choose from. It's worth noting that if you choose a Space Grey Apple Watch Sport, you have no choice but to get a black sport band. Of course, you have the option to buy a different strap separately, but we'll come to that later.

The Apple Watch starts at a slightly higher price of £479, with the most expensive in the category priced at £949. The price that you pay for an Apple Watch is almost completely dependent on the watchstrap that you choose to accompany it.

Whereas the Watch Sport only offers silicone sports bands, there's a much wider choice of premium watchstraps available for the Apple Watch. That's not to say that you can't get a sports band if you want one, as the cheapest Apple Watch (£479/519 depending on size) comes with either a black or white sports band.

Watch Sport vs Apple Watch: Same function, different materials

Even though there's a jump in price between the Watch Sport and Apple Watch (not as big as the jump between Watch & Edition), there's no difference in the capabilities of the watch. The £299 Apple Watch Sport does exactly the same thing as the £13,500 Watch Edition - it's mainly aesthetic changes.

The Apple Watch Sport is created with anodised aluminium, reminiscent of the iPhone 5/5s. Apple has reasons for this choice of material though, as it claims the aluminium alloy is 60 percent stronger than standard alloys, but is also very light - 30 percent lighter than the Apple Watch in fact. This makes it ideal for the Watch Sport's primary function, being a sports watch. No one wants to wear a bulky watch when exercising; it needs to be light and durable.

The Apple Watch is crafted from stainless steel, immediately giving it a more premium look than the Watch Sport, with the mirror finish definitely adds to its appeal. The Apple Watch was designed specifically for every day use, so stainless steel is a good choice for a durable material. That wasn't enough for Apple though, as the stainless steel then gets cold forged to make it around 80 percent harder (according to Apple). It's heavier than the Watch Sport, but it's an acceptable compromise to make if you want a more durable model.


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