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Apple user's dictionary of tech jargon

David Price | May 10, 2016
From Arrangement Mode to Xcode: we explain all the jargon in our plain-English dictionary of tech terms, focusing on concepts that affect Apple fans

What is Time Capsule?

A device sold by Apple that combines a wireless router with a hard drive. Enables users to wirelessly backup Mac computers.

What is Time Machine?

Backup software made by Apple - be sure to back up your documents and files so you're not caught out when tech disaster strikes. We discuss how to get the most out of Time Machine in the following tutorials:

What is a troll?

On the internet, this is a pejorative term that originally referred to forum users who were only interested in starting arguments.

These days people use the term troll more loosely, no longer distinguishing between those who are willing to argue to defend their (possibly extreme) views, and the original trolls who went out looking for arguments, sometimes pretending to have extreme views they didn't really believe in. Sometimes it seems to mean 'people I don't agree with'.

What is a UDID?

A UDID (which stands for unique device identifier) is a 40-character alphanumeric code allocated to every iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you've agreed to beta-test some pre-release software you may be asked for your UDID, which lets an app developer bypass the normal App Store download process.

How to find out your iPhone UDID

What is a universal app?

If we're talking iPad and iPhone apps, this is simply an app that has been designed in such a way that a single app will run on both iPhone and iPad (and iPod touch and iPad mini, for that matter).

Some apps only work on iPad (and iPad mini) or iPhone (and iPod touch), whereas other developers write separate apps for each device. But a universal app works on them all (provided they are recent enough - the developers should specify which particular models the app is compatible with). If you buy a universal app on your iPad, you can download it to your iPhone at no extra cost. Universal apps are therefore A Good Thing.

What is unlocking?


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