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Apple Music on Apple TV: Why Siri support can't come soon enough

Caitlin McGarry | Nov. 24, 2015
Apple's streaming service gets a remote for its tvOS app, but without Siri's help, everything is more difficult.

Siri integration: Siri is one of Apple Music’s biggest selling points, because no other streaming music app is supported by Apple’s voice assistant. And despite the fact that Siri can help you find content in third-party tvOS apps like HBO Go and Netflix, Apple hasn’t yet turned on that feature for Apple Music. Siri is coming soon—sometime toward the beginning of the year, Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed. But until then, I have to hunt and peck letters using the Apple TV remote to search for the music I want to listen to, which is a terrible experience.

Handoff: The fourth-generation Apple TV doesn’t support a Remote app on iOS, which means you can’t search for content on your phone and then queue it up on the TV. Apple Music does have a corresponding iOS app, but you still can’t add songs to your queue or use Handoff to start a jam you want the whole room to hear. The songs I add to my Up Next queue on my phone don’t show up on the TV app, and vice versa. Some continuity here would be a welcome addition.

Social: You’ll notice Apple Music’s tvOS app is missing the iOS app’s Connect feature, where you can follow artists and see exclusive content they post, though you can still find “Discovered on Connect” songs and video picks in the New tab. Because the Apple TV is inherently more of a group experience than your iPhone—it’s the centerpiece of your living room—Apple Music’s tvOS app is in desperate need of social features like a party queue or collaborative playlists for sharing music. Everyone picks a username upon signing up for Apple Music, so following friends should be as easy as following artists in Connect.

How would you improve Apple Music on the Apple TV, or in general? Share your suggestions in the comments.


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