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Apple jargon buster

Mark Hattersley | Oct. 9, 2013
Learn what the latest Apple tech terms mean with our no-nonsense, plain-English guide to iOS and Mac OS X jargon

What is Photo Booth? Program for iOS and Mac OS X that captures self portraits. Often combined with humorous effects.

Photo Stream? iCloud service that shares recently capture photographs across multiple iOS and Mac OS X devices.

What is QuickTime? Video compression technology used by apple to distribute movies across the web. Also the name of a program used on Mac OS X to watch and share video clips.

What is Retina display? Display featured on many Mac OS X and most iOS devices. Features a high resolution (comparative to size of display) that packs around 300 pixels into a inch. The amount is considered more than the eye can determine between

What is Safari? Web browser included with iOS and Mac OS X devices. (See Safari tips)

What is Settings app? App on iOS that enables you to adjust settings on iOS devices

What is Sleep/Wake button? Button at top of iOS device that enables you to wake up the device.

What is Siri? Voice technology featured in iPhone and iPad. Enables you to perform many features on device without having to interact with the touchscreen.

What is Spotlight search? Search technology found in iOS and Mac OS X devices that enables you to find many different types of information: contacts, documents, music files and so on. Can search through documents as well as by the file name.

What is status bar? The top bar running along the iOS devices. Displays many small icons related to the status of the device (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and so on).

What is a tap? Gesture used on iOS whereby you place and remove a single finger on the screen . Comparable to a 'click' used on a desktop mouse or trackpad.

What is Time Capsule? AA device sold by Apple that combines a wireless router with a hard drive. Enables users to wirelessly backup Mac computers.

What is Time Machine? Backup software made by Apple.

What is Wi-Fi? Wireless technology used to transmit data from a router to a mobile device (such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet).

What is Xcode? Mac OS X software development environment. A program distributed for free by Apple that enables users to create Mac OS X and iOS software.


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