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Apple jargon buster

Mark Hattersley | Oct. 9, 2013
Learn what the latest Apple tech terms mean with our no-nonsense, plain-English guide to iOS and Mac OS X jargon

What is iPhone? A mobile phone and portable data connected computer made by Apple.

What is iPod? Traditionally a music player made by Apple. The modern incarnation is called iPod touch and is essentially an iPhone without the mobile data connection.

What is an iPad? Tablet computer made by Apple. Similar to the iPhone but with a larger display. Two models are available: iPad with REtina Display (9.7 inch display) and iPad mini (7.9-inch display).

What is iTunes? Software made by Apple. Originally designed to play and sync music with the iPod. Modern incarnation carries out a wide range of duties from playing music, video, TV shows, storing iBooks, podcasts, apps and managing iOS devices.

What is iTunes Match? iCloud Music service offered by Apple that enable users to sync and stream music from multiple iTunes accounts. Free version works with music purchased from iTunes Store, but a paid-for £21.99 per year service works with all your music.

What is iTunes Store? Digital store used to purchase music, movies and television shows. Accessed through iTunes app.

What is iTunes U Short for iTunes University? Part of iTunes Store that enables you to download free video and audio lectures from the world's leading universities.

What is Lightning connector? The connection used to connect an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Used to connect the device to the mains for charging, or to a computer for charging and sync.

What is Location Services? Feature in iOS and Mac OS X that enables apps to determine your current location. Uses a mixture of GPS and triangulation of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and Mobile data masts.

What is Lock? Feature on iOS devices used to fix the display in either vertical or landscape orientation. Accessed via Control Centre.

What is a Mac? A type of computer made by Apple.

What is a Macbook? Apple's term for a Mac laptop computer. Several models are available including MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

What is a Mac mini? A small desktop computer sold without a keyboard, monitor or mouse.

What is a Mac Pro? Apple's high-end desktop computer

What is Mail? Stock program used to read e-mail installed with Mac OS X and iOS devices.

What is Newsstand? Program used to download and read digital versions of newspapers and magazines.

What is Notification Centre? Feature in iOS and Mac OS X that enables you to view recent messages and alerts on the the device.

What is Objective C? Programming language created by Apple and used to develop Mac OS X and iOS software.

What is a Pinch to zoom? Gesture made on iOS devices and Mac trackpads. Made by pinching finger and thumb together on screen, then expanding the two. Often used to zoom in on items (web pages, photographs, and so on).


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