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Apple jargon buster

Mark Hattersley | Oct. 9, 2013
Learn what the latest Apple tech terms mean with our no-nonsense, plain-English guide to iOS and Mac OS X jargon

What is the Dock? Feature at bottom of iOS and Mac OS X home screen/desktop that contains icons for commonly used apps. On Mac OS X can also contain folders and documents and the Trash Can.

What is an ebook? An electronic book. Made popular by the Amazon Kindle device and also purchased on iOS devices using iBooks. These are books that can be read on digital devices.

What is iBooks? app created by Apple to display e-books.

What is iBookStore? Apple store used to access free and purchased iBooks. Part of the iBooks app in iOS, or can be accessed through iTunes on Mac OS X.

What is iCloud? A range of cloud services offered by Apple. Notable features include push email, contact sync, calendar sync, Find My iPhone/iPad and iTunes Match.

What is FaceTime? Video conferencing technology implemented into iOS and Mac OS X technology. Enables users to easily start video conversations with other FaceTime users.

What is Find My iPad/Find My iPhone? App for iOS devices and iCloud web-based service that enables users to locate iOS and Mac OS X devices (iPhones and Macs, and so on). Integrates with Apple Maps and enables users to lock and send messages to missing devices.

What is a flick? a gesture used in iOS. made by moving the finger swiftly in any direction (usually up or down). Often used to quickly move up and down a web page or through a long list of items.

What is High Definition (HD)? A video format with a greater resolution than standard definition. Typically more than 720 horizontal lines, although often more than 1080 lines. The three main formats are 720p, 1080i and 1080p. The i stands for INterlaced which blends frames together, whereas the P stands for Progressive which shows one complete frame then the next. P is generally considered better for film and i for fast-moving television.

What is a Home button? The button on front of an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Used to access the home screen. Also used to unlock an iPhone 5s using Touch ID.

What is a Home screen? The main screen that displays available apps and folders in iOS. You can flick left and right to show more apps and folders.

What is iMessage? Service offered by Apple that enables users to send SMS-style text messages between Mac OS X and iOS devices. Free to send but requires both users to have an Apple ID. If iMessage is not available message is sent from iPhone using SMS instead (which is charged for).

What is iOS? The operating system used on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


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