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Apple jargon buster

Mark Hattersley | Oct. 9, 2013
Learn what the latest Apple tech terms mean with our no-nonsense, plain-English guide to iOS and Mac OS X jargon

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Each month we explain Apple technology terms in plain English. Here's our updated A-Z of technology jargon explained. Let us know in the comments below any confusing words or acronyms you want us to explain.

What is 3G or 4G? These are network technologies used to to deliver Internet data over the mobile phone network. You need to sign up for Internet Data with your mobile phone company to access 3G or 4G networks. Also known as Mobile Broadband.

What is accessibility? Features offered by devices and operating systems that ensure the device can be used by people with impairments.

What is Address Book? Mac OS X program used for storing the names and addresses of people you know. Called Contacts on iOS devices.

What is Apple Script? Easy to learn Mac OS X programming language created by Apple to automate programs.

What is an App? Short for application: the name that Apple gave to programs you install separately on iOS and Mac OS X devices.

What is App Store? A program on iOS and Mac OS X that enables you to purchase free and paid-for software from Apple.

What is Apple ID? An account used to make purchases from the Apple Store. Also used to access other apple services like iCloud and Find My iPhone. Can be set up from Settings > iCloud in iOS and Settings > iCloud in Mac OS X.

What is Apple Maps? A replacement for Google Maps first launched in iOS, and to be integrated with the Mac OS X in Mavericks. Controversial because some people claimed Google Maps was a better service.

What is Arrangement Mode? Mode that enables you to rearrange the icons on an iOS home screen or within Dashboard in Mac OS X. Identified by the 'jiggling' around of icons. Accessed by holding down the Home button.

What is Bluetooth? Technology used to wirelessly transmit data between devices. Principally used to attach accessories (Keyboard and Mouse) to Mac OS X and iOS devices. Also used to transmit music to compatible speakers.

What is Contacts? The iOS version of Address Book. Used to store details of people you know.

What is Control Centre? Feature in iOS that enables quick access to many settings and features of device. Accessed by sliding finger up from the bottom of the screen.

What is Dashboard? Feature in Mac OS X that displays icons for programs installed on the Mac OS X computer (similar in style to the Home Screen on iOS devices).

What is Do Not Disturb? Mode on iOS devices that blocks phone calls and makes the phone run on silent. Useful for meetings and public events. Repeated calls to the iPhone will be let through after three rings (on the default settings).


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