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Apple iTV release date, specs & rumours: is an Apple Television coming?

Ashleigh Allsopp | May 22, 2014
What the world is saying (making up) about the much-rumoured Apple iTV super television.

Interestingly Japan's Sharp (see earlier) holds 28.8 percent of Loewe's shares.

Within a few hours Loewe denied the story, although it rubbed its hands in glee as its share price went through the roof.

A spokesman for Loewe said that management at the moment "has no indication or information that Apple wants to participate in Loewe". Obviously, Apple declined to comment.

There are also rumours that Corning could make Gorilla Glass for the iTV screen. A look at Corning's website shows that the company is involved in TV: "By supporting the sleek, ultra-thin seamless designs that are a popular trend in today's LCD TV industry, Corning Gorilla Glass is literally changing the face of LCD TV," it says.

Apple TV price

One thing we know for sure is that Apple iTV, or whatever it gets called, will be much more expensive than the LCD TVs you can buy right now at your local superstore. So expect it to cost more than £1,500, probably even more than £2,000.

Research from the Strategy Analytics Connected Home Devices (CHD) advisory service suggests that nearly half of existing iPhone users would be "very" or "somewhat likely" to buy an Apple iTV soon after its launch.

The report, "Apple's Smart TV: Assessing Purchase Intention and Willingness to Pay," surveyed 6,000 consumers across the US, France, Germany, Italy and the UK (March 2012).

"The success of an Apple iTV hinges on Apple's ability to match innovation with appropriate price points," said Jia Wu, Director and report author.While 35 percent of surveyed US consumers indicate willingness to pay $1,000 or more for an Apple-branded TV, only 14 percent would be willing to pay any more than $1,600.

"Samsung, Sony, LG and other major TV manufacturers are most threatened by the prospect of an Apple iTV launch," noted analyst Kantideep Thota. "More than a quarter of non-Apple TV owners could potentially migrate to an Apple-branded TV in a fairly short period of time."

Overall, whatever the Apple iTV release date and price, there'll be probably be a shockingly long queue outside Apple Stores the world over as soon as it's available (and likely a few weeks beforehand).

For even more Apple Television rumours, visit Macworld's iTV rumour round-up.


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