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Apparently we can wait: Obama's online privacy effort

Scott Bradner | Feb. 6, 2013
It has now been just about a year since the Obama administration put forth its online privacy blueprint. In spite of a title on the announcement that insisted "We Can't Wait," not much has happened since the blueprint was published. Meanwhile, things are heating up on the online privacy front in Europe, and the contrast between the United States and European viewpoints is and is not stark.

Having said all that, some movement toward the Obama blueprint would be nice. I can understand why there was not much movement in an election year but, with President Obama re-elected, it is time to move. Some progress here might avert the worst of the trade war with the EU predicted by one U.S. official. It might also be good for you and me, whose data is cached in places we have no idea even exist.

Disclaimer: Harvard, I assume, obeys EU rules when in the EU but has expressed no opinion on either the Obama blueprint or the updated EU rules. So the above is my desire for a tiny bit of privacy.


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