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AMD's Radeon Fury graphics cards claw back marketshare from Nvidia's GeForce lineup

Ian Paul | Nov. 16, 2015
Nvidia dominates the graphics card market for desktop GPUs, but AMD did manage to claw back at least some market share over its rival in recent months.

Good times overall

Despite AMD’s struggles in desktop graphics cards, the overall GPU market was good for all three of the biggest names in graphics when you add integrated GPUs to the mix. Intel continues to dominate the complete graphics market since all its processors come with integrated graphics.

Intel closed out the quarter with 72.8 percent of the market, according to JPR’s estimates. AMD and Nvidia meanwhile maintain a much closer battle in the larger graphics market thanks to the popularity of AMD APUs and its dominance as the gaming console GPU of choice. AMD’s overall market share by the end of the third quarter of 2015 came to 11.5 percent, while Nvidia’s stood at 15.7 percent. Both companies saw quarter-to-quarter gains, while AMD fell 2.7 percent compared to the year previous and Nvidia picked up an extra 1.6 percent.


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