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AMD's Mantle 1.0 is dead; long live DirectX

Gordon Mah Ung | March 4, 2015
AMD's Mantle "1.0" is dead. Long live Mantle 1.0.

The CPU efficiency issue isn't the only drawback Mantle addressed that looks to be addressed by competitors. Mantle also sketched out fixes for multiple GPU systems that could be adopted too. In DirectX 11, having two video cards with 4GB of RAM doesn't give you 8GB of graphics memory to work with because of the way the API is designed. With Mantle, AMD has said, it's different: multiple cards would not need to mirror each other's RAM, so 8GB of graphics RAM could be used more efficiently.

Tom's Hardware recently reported that a similar feature would be implemented in DirectX 12. AMD, Nvidia and Microsoft officials declined to comment.

Why this matters: If this is the end of Mantle 1.0 as we know it, it will have achieved what it needed to do — and that's get Microsoft and OpenGL's Khronos to finally move forward and faster on graphics APIs that have been holding back PC gaming.


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