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Age Of Fear 2 brings back classic turn-based strategy gaming

Ian Harac | March 11, 2013
Age of Fear 2 is a turn-based strategy game that with a distinctly retro feel. It has a lot of good ideas and challenging battles, but also has a lot of rough edges.

The two campaigns included in Age of Fear 2 provide a good amount of gameplay, with some branching options. The demo has only the first few battles of each, enough to get a feel for if the game style is to your taste.

For the negatives, Age of Fear 2 needs some polish. I experienced two crashes, though the autosaves meant I didn't lose much progress. The effects of terrain on movement or combat are minimal. At times, the interface is oddly unresponsive, not registering clicks or targeting. The game text is in slightly-fractured English. While I do appreciate the tactical challenge posed by fragile units, the fact so many die in a single hit means there is a fairly strong element of pure luck. Also, while it may seem a minor point, the succubus's breathless reactions to orders caused my wife to wonder aloud when I'd gone from reviewing games to reviewing porn.

Ultimately, Age of Fear 2: The Chaos Lord is a decent entry in a very underserved genre. It's not perfect, but it is fun, playable, and challenging, and it shows every sign of rapidly improving itself.


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