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A Google Glass store makes sense because buying them at Best Buy will suck big time

Evan Dashevsky | May 9, 2013
The rumored Google Glass stores be a powerful branding tool for the still-nascent cult of Glass. But they will be a place to avoid the hell of buying them at a national chain

Going into an electronics store just to play with things that you have no plans to actually buy is as American as the Super Bowl. We all do it. And the rush to play-with-but-not-buy Glass will be HUGE. A dedicated electronics store like Best Buy will still gladly offer Glass, but will only be willing to give up so much floor space during the holiday rush filled with all the other must-have new things.

A dedicated Google Store could be that destination place to go play with Glass. If handled right (that is, of course, a big if) these stores will be able to accommodate this massive interest better than a national retailer. Don't get me wrong, a theoretical Glass store may still prove to be a massive clusterfudge of curious humanity, but a small counter at an all-purpose electronics store will be 10 times worse.

If you are lucky enough to have a Glass store in your area (to reiterate, these stores are all theoretical and still officially DENIED by Google), that will be your best bet for getting hands-on with the brand new must-have toy that everyone loves to hate on.


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