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A computer's place is in the kitchen

Mike Elgan | Sept. 1, 2015
Forget the living room. The kitchen is the true family hub now. Here's what Amazon is cooking up.

Imagine that the same kitchen computer uses beacon technology.

It could know, based on the proximity of your family members' smartphones, who is in the kitchen. You could leave a note for a member of your family, and the computer would display the note and play it with video or audio when he or she walked into the kitchen. (When your daughter gets home from school, she'll get your message saying you left a snack for her in the refrigerator.)

And the computer could do all this with Echo-like voice command.

It sounds like this is what Amazon's "Kabinet" project is all about. But even if Amazon doesn't make a special-purpose computer for the kitchen, somebody else will.

Because the kitchen is the perfect place for a computer.


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