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15 mysteries about the Moto 360 smartwatch

Mike Elgan | March 24, 2014
We've seen pictures and videos of Motorola's round smartwatch. But the most important facts are still unknown, and Mike Elgan has a lot of questions.

Round makes a lot more sense for a wristwatch than it does for a phone. Although it turns out the Moto 360's display within that round watch face isn't quite round (I'll circle back to that point momentarily), the watch looks overall like a winning combination of form, function and features. But the most important facts about the watch — the ones that will compel you to buy or shun the device — are still unknown.

What we know about the Moto 360
Of all the smartwatches shipped, announced and rumored, the Moto 360 was the first that made me think: Yes! Yes! This is the smartwatch I want!

For starters, it's just a dumb watch until you want it to be smart. It looks like a physical analog wristwatch. The screen is off by default to preserve the battery. But a motion detector turns the screen on quickly to when you lift your arm to see the time.

The screen is 1.8 in. in diameter, and it flips around so it will read right-side up whether you wear it on the right or left hand.

The Moto 360 is heavily voice- and Google Now-centric like its big brother, the Moto X smartphone. Ask a question and get a result. The watch can also pop up preemptive Google Now notifications and phone notifications, presumably.

The Moto 360 comes with a band that can be swapped with bands made for regular watches, and Motorola itself may offer two or more options, including leather and metal.

The watch is water-resistant but not waterproof.

It has no camera.

Moto 360 mysteries
We know a little about the Moto 360. But there are many things we don't know, and I have 15 questions about it:

1. Why doesn't the screen go all the way to the bottom? If you look carefully at the product shots, you can see that the bottom of the screen doesn't reach all the way to the bottom of the circle. Is something happening in that space, or is the interface just sloppy? Or is there some other reason for it?

2. What's that thing on the side? The Moto 360 has a round thing on the right side. I doubt that's where you wind the watch. Is it a charger connector? Hardware button? Both? Neither?

3. How do you charge it? There's apparently no USB connector, nor is there a Garmin-like clip system. How it's charged is a mystery.

4. How long does the battery last? If the watch can't make it through at least one entire day, it's toast. If it lasts longer than three days, we'll be blown away.


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