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10 things seen and heard at CES

James Niccolai | Jan. 11, 2013
Here are 10 things that caught our eye at CES this week that didn't necessarily make the headlines.

It's easy to spot the techies here in Vegas. Perhaps its the lack of sleep, or that they walk around with their eyes fixed on computer screens. So glued are they to their devices that a number of them were oblivious when a couple of dozen young women, dressed up for a night on the town, arrived at Nvidia's news conference at a nightclub in the Palms last Sunday evening. Later, music started thumping out and more women, in skimpy outfits, started dancing on platforms. The press and analysts weren't dancing. Some didn't even seem to notice the spectacle, and continued staring at their screens.

Gangnam again?

In a transparent bid to give CES a hip vibe before Verizon's CEO took the stage for his keynote Tuesday, organizers showed a collection of video clips from the show strung together to the tune of "Gangnam Style" (no way!). Coming after more than a billion YouTube views of the video by South Korean rapper PSY, the presentation lacked a certain freshness. But it wasn't exactly inappropriate. One of the most closely watched vendors at CES this year has been South Korea's Samsung Electronics. And PSY grew up in Seoul's wealthy Gangnam district, the son of a semiconductor tycoon.

(Stephen Lawson, Martyn Williams and Kerry Davis contributed to this report)


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