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10 myths marketing technology vendors want you to believe

James A. Martin | April 1, 2016
Real Story Group analyst Theresa Regli busts the most common myths marketing technology vendors tell customers and prospects, and other martech experts share insight on how marketing pros can navigate the dynamic digital landscape.

Marketers are particularly slow to address mobile opportunities, according to Regli. For example, Real Story Group's research shows that only 25 percent of enterprises say their mobile marketing initiatives are "reasonably mature" and 26 percent say mobile marketing isn't on their radar at all, she said.

Martech myth No. 3: One vendor's tools will meet all your needs

Most martech vendors are only two to three years old, Regli said, so their software tools aren't as mature as they might lead you to believe. That means the tools won't always meet all of a marketing team's needs, which can lead to bad purchasing decisions.

According to Real Story Group, fewer than half (47 percent) of the enterprises surveyed said they have the right software tools to meet their marketing needs. The other half may end up buying more martech tools or capabilities than they actually need in attempts to meet those marketing requirements, according to Regli. Enterprise marketing and IT teams should not "buy the Ferrari when they only need a Hyundai or a bike," she said.

Martech myth No. 4: You'll be up and running in no time

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) martech tools in the cloud aren't necessarily quick and easy todeploy, Regli said. She emphasized the need to build your martech toolset, or "stack," as a bartender might mix a fine cocktail. Take the time to "craft, taste, test, and find the right balance between the different elements," including marketing automation, social engagement, CRM, and other tools, Regli said. And don't assume cloud-based services can be added to your martech stack in no time at all.

Martech myth No. 5: Training isn't required

Martech software services are often "complex applications," Regli said. Many marketers are trained in marketing and communications — not in technology and data science. As a result, only 49 percent of the enterprises surveyed by Real Story Group said they have sufficient internal martech expertise, according to Regli.

"Don't ever think you won't need training" to use a new software tool or platform, Regli said, and then added that it's important for marketers to understand the purpose of new tools, as well as how they meets their teams' goals.

Martech myth No. 6: Martech tools scale easily

Real Story Group works with a number of global enterprise clients, "[a]nd the biggest problem they report with martech tools is that they can't easily scale them globally," Regli said. Some vendors aren't at all clear on this challenge.

"If you have millions of campaigns running across the globe, you will run into problems," such as the ability to deliver video in multiple formats and languages and to scale internal servers, according to Regli. She said it's a good idea to ask potential martech merchants for examples of customers who easily scaled their marketing efforts globally and suggested "most vendors" won't be able to provide any.


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