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Yuhua to be the first ‘smart’ HDB estate in Singapore

Zafirah Salim | July 30, 2015
From July this year, smart features – both within the flat and in the neighbourhood – will be implemented progressively until 2018.

In line with Singapore's Smart Nation vision, some 9,000 Yuhua residents living in 3,194 flats will be the first to experience 'Smart Living' in an existing HDB estate.

From July this year, HDB will partner several agencies such as the Infocomm Development of Authority (IDA), Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), Ministry of Health (MOH), National Environment Agency (NEA), Public Utilities Board (PUB), Jurong Town Council; as well as commercial firms, to implement smart features in Yuhua - both within the flat and in the neighbourhood - progressively until 2018.

Under this initiative, 10 households of different profiles will participate in the live testing of the smart solutions and devices for up to six months. These solutions will help the families to save more energy and water, ultimately lowering their utilities bill; as well as take better care of elderly dependents at home.

According to HDB, this testing will enable HDB to gather residents' feedback, and assess their receptiveness towards adopting smart technologies. Additionally, it will also present opportunities to build industry capabilities by fostering industry partnerships, as agencies and the industry collaborate with each other in integrating smart technologies and solutions that improve daily living.

"Enhancing the quality of life for individuals is a priority to us as we build towards a Smart Nation. Technology offers us an opportunity to provide personalised experiences, and testing smart features in a living environment helps us to gain good insights to what matters most to people - such as cost savings or a greater peace of mind in rendering care," said Steve Leonard, Executive Deputy Chairman, IDA. "This project will help us explore the offerings that can be made at scale, and unlock the full potential that smart homes can bring to homeowners and their families."

Within the neighbourhood, residents can also benefit from improved estate services, with the help of sensors to monitor the performance of municipal services such as waste collection, and the consumption of electricity and water. Using the data collected, the Town Council can optimise maintenance cycles, pre-empt problems, or target problems at the source.

For instance, sensors can map out the usual patterns of common services, such as the waste conveyance system, water and electrical sub-meters, and solar panels. A change in these patterns may signal a malfunction, or a potential problem, and a need to check on these facilities. Hence, the timely detection of maintenance issues will ensure that they are promptly resolved, minimising disruption to services for residents' safety and convenience.

"This real-time test bed at Yuhua is a milestone in Singapore's journey towards becoming a Smart Nation. We want to bring the smart solutions to HDB residents, into their homes and into their neighbourhood. They will see that smart technologies are not some high-tech invention, but real-life solutions that can make their lives easier and better," said Dr Cheong Koon Hean, CEO of HDB.


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