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You'll pay more for privacy with AT&T's gigabit broadband

Mark Hachman | Feb. 18, 2015
AT&T's Gigapower broadband service has arrived in Kansas City. But as in Austin, you'll pay more if you want AT&T to ignore what you're doing online.

It's almost certain that using "private" modes like Google's incognito mode won't hide you from AT&T, as that feature simply wipes your history, not your browser traffic. And there's no guarantee that so-called "anonymous browsers" will work, either. 

Does Google do the same? Not directly, according to the Google Fiber privacy policy. But while Google won't necessarily collect personal information while you surf, the company reserves the right to buy that information from outside companies: "commercially available demographic, geographic, or interest information," specifically.

 Update: AT&T has confirmed the $29/mo pricing difference between U-verse with AT&T GigaPower Internet Preferences and th version without ads.


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