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Yoga Tablet 2 Pro review: Solid productivity features can't make up for its crummy interface

Florence Ion | Dec. 11, 2014
A fantastic, productivity-focused tablet that's marred by Lenovo's subpar Android interface.

lenovoyogapro airplane
The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro takes up most of the tray table on a jam packed plane.

(Actually using it on the plane was a bit of a drag. Apps that don't support landscape mode required that I flip the tablet vertically, which made it awkward to hold in a narrow airplane seat. I did appreciate the larger display size for things like reading digital magazines, but the added weight of the hinge/projector bulge on the tablet's backside made it difficult to comfortably hold the device with one hand, or lay it down on my lap. I encountered this same conundrum on my usual commute to work.

Still, once you get the hang of it, its size doesn't seem too bad. That is, if you don't already have a laptop you carry with you every day. 

A projector and a tablet walk into a bar...
lenovo projector 2
ROB SCHULTZ. This tablet has a projector built into its hinge.

The pico projector built into the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is capable of displaying a 50-inch wide, 854 x 580 image on almost any wall. It springs to life with the touch of a button on the side of the device, and you adjust focus with a slider on the back. The display will then turn off after a predetermined amount of time to help conserve battery power.

lenovo project
FLORENCE ION. Hold on, I'm saying goodbye to Colbert. 

I'm not a typical projector user, but the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro's built-in projector seemed to perform better than the standalone 3M Streaming Projector I have stowed away. The farther it was placed, the bigger the projection was, though the picture wasn't very detailed. It's good enough for showcasing a playlist of music videos during a themed party or projecting a Powerpoint presentation during an important business meeting, but not if you were thinking of hosting a backyard movie night.

Lenovo also bundled in a few software tweaks to improve the image of the projection so that it doesn't appear fuzzy or distorted. Since the projector itself is already so small, those tweaks hardly made a difference. 

lenovoyogapro yoga
How do you practice yoga in a tiny hotel room? By projecting the class on the wall.

I personally used the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro to practice yoga in both a hotel room and at home in my cramped studio space. It worked better than a laptop or a smaller tablet because I could adjust the kickstand to place the projector at eye level from a table higher up while I practiced yoga on the floor. This made it easier to follow along with online yoga classes, and the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro's stereo speakers were loud and clear enough for me to hear directions over my Spotify playlist blasting from another device. My yoga pals thought it was cool, too.


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