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Yes, Virginia... Apple does need the Mac

Gregg Keizer | June 16, 2015
Apple not only needs the Mac, but to propose otherwise is simply foolish, analysts contended today when reacting to a Wall Street Journal story that said the Cupertino, Calif. company couldn't afford to spend time and money on personal computers.

Which is exactly how Apple would be seen if it were to discard the 31 years of its Mac background.

"And Apple would be leaving immense piles of benefit on the table at the Apple Store without the Mac," Gottheil added. "When you're getting Product Y serviced there, you're looking at the new Product X. Apple is selling a family of devices for a seamless technology experience and its customer highly value that. So you're going to abandon the people who brought you here? I don't think so."

Nor did the analysts buy Mims' rationale that companies in general, Apple in particular, could not focus on more than a couple things, and that by tossing aside the Mac the company would automatically be better at other projects.

"I don't think the Mac is the reason why Apple isn't doing better in the cloud," said Dawson. "It's the most mature category by far in Apple's portfolio, and arguably requires far less effort than most of its other products."

"Why can't companies do multiple things?" wondered Gottheil, who questioned Mims' premise. "How much are they distracted at the top by the Mac? I'd argue that they're not, not at Cook's level. But the people at the top of the Mac group are thinking about it all the time, and driving it hard. Every once in a while [the top executives] might ask, 'How are things going? When do you want us to schedule an event?' That's not distractive."

"You have to keep in mind that Apple wants to be everywhere," concluded Moorhead, "and that includes on a desk with productivity apps."


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