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Yes, there's a trade show for augmented reality, and its demos are enchanting

Armando Rodriguez | June 12, 2013
From musical pants to stinky phones, this year's Augmented World Expo showed us our wonderful (and terrifying) augmented future.

In order to play Hermaton, you need to download and print the marker that the app uses to project the game. Normally this marker is no bigger than your average sheet of printer paper, but the Hermaton booth at the Augmented World Expo featured a much larger version that occupied most of the booth's walls. Moving through the maze is tricky, so make sure you give yourself enough room to maneuver.

Don't sink the 8-ball
Possibly my favorite demo at the show, this augmented reality pool table can turn even the most inept players into pool sharks. The system was developed by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Queen's University in Canada, and it uses computer vision to keep track of all the balls on the table. When you position yourself to take a shot, the computer uses an advanced physics engine to show you where it believes the ball will go based on the angle of the pool cue.

The Queen's University team tells me that with the help of a projector, HD camera, and computer, any pool table can become an AR pool table. The rig is meant to help novices improve their game, but it could also come in handy should you be looking to experiment with trickier shots. There are currently no plans to bring the system to market--though the more tech savvy of us out there could possibly build their own.


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