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yARN: It's raining - so what!

Mike Gee | April 17, 2014
Looking around over the past few weeks the clouds seems to be gathering over the ICT industry – and, for once, there's no pun intended.

There were, of course, exceptions to this rule. Some boutique/niche distributors couldn't hide their ongoing joy at what for them is a very healthy market and has been for 18 months now. And while I've said it before, that is the key. Just because the economies are on a go-slow doesn't mean business stops in its tracks. What smart business should do is focus on the what-must-be-dones, and on specific targets, rather than spreading its options wide.

There are also trends that can't be denied, that ignore the state-of-general-play and keep driving growth. Interop 2014 - one of the premier shows for networking each year, kicked off its general session in Las Vegas proclaiming that a new era of IT is upon the world, led by a mobile revolution and supported by Cloud computing. And more change is on the way as software-defined networking (SDN) quickly matures into a platform for enterprises to seriously consider.

Mobile is here, Cloud is next, SDN is coming. That's the message and the word from keynote panelists from Cisco, HP, Dell, Citrix and Deloitte, who all spoke about the changes that are shaping the IT industry today and how practitioners can get their hands around these mega-trends.

And don't forget that despite the not-so-happy Chinese manufacturing picture, on the technology front Lenovo has marched into 2014 with its acquisition boots firmly on; Huawei just announced a $US3.47 billion global profit for FY2103; and Alibaba Group is investing about $US692 million in retail company, Intime Retail, with the aim of setting up a joint venture that aims to provide linkages between its online and physical retail businesses in China. Alibaba also bought a stake last year in a large social networking site, Sina Weibo, and is working to acquire online mapping provider AutoNavi for $US1.1 billion. The giant is awake and on the move.

So planning becomes even more important than ever. This is not a time to drift aimlessly in the swamp of channel possibility. All you will do is end up getting lost.


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