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Wozniak reveals why Steve Jobs loved secrecy

Ashleigh Allsopp | May 17, 2012
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has set off on his Woz Live tour across Australia and New Zealand, revealing why Steve Jobs liked secrecy

Wozniak, who taught 10 to 11 year olds for eight years, emphasised the importance of technology in education. "Students should love the tools that will allow them to get places. The modern tool is the computer. Some kids fall in love with it and have to be on it all day long. They're the wacko kids who will wind up starting Facebook. Every student of mine had to have a laptop so they could take it with them, it had to become part of their body."

He believes that the future could be see computers that are able to process human interactions. "What if the computer could be a teacher. It's so inexpensive, we could have 30 teachers in a classroom. The kids haven't taken to the computer the way they take to a teacher. Why? Because a computer isn't human, personable, it doesn't feel. In the future I hope we get to the state where the computers are conscious, they understand us."

Wozniak thinks that the future is in voice technology. "I speak to my phone so many times. But so often it won't understand me. That's going to be improved in the future. If I had a son going into computer science right now, I'd say go into voice. That would be an area to explore for the innovative future."

In a question and answer session that took place after Wozniak's presentation in Sydney, the Apple co-founder said: "I like a lot of the openness in Facebook and Google, and Apple makes it difficult to get into (things like) calendars. I think Apple could be just as strong and good and be open."

"I'd like a programming language like Applescript on my iPad, but no, no no. There are a lot of things about the closed-ness of Apple I don't like, and wouldn't do myself. But obviously there's a lot of quality to the products. If making it open wouldn't make the quality the same we want to make it, I'd say keep it closed," he said.

When asked about the iPhone 5, Wozniak said: "I could tell you about iPhone 5, but i'd have to kill you."

Wozniak said that he carries two iPhones on different carriers, just in case the battery runs out. He also says that he switches back and forth between Android, iPhone and Windows phone. "I'll use the iPhone for voice, but Android for navigation, because the iPhone doesn't do that right yet. With Windows Phone 7, I really just admire its visual beauty. It's like what Apple does. I think somebody went to Microsoft from Apple. I think Steve Jobs might have been reincarnated there."


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