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WordPress plugins leave you vulnerable to attack, and new devices 'protect you' from cellphone radiation

Mark Gibbs | June 25, 2013
Gibbs is worried by how bad WordPress plugins can be and wonders about the efficacy of cellphone radiation attenuators.

"Studies conducted by numerous scientific teams in several nations have raised troubling questions about possible associations between heavy cell phone use and serious health dangers. The World Health Organization has declared that cell phone radiation may be linked to brain cancer. Ten studies connect cell phone radiation to diminished sperm count and sperm damage. Others raise health concerns such as altered brain metabolism, sleep disturbance and behavioral changes in children."

The article continues:

"These studies are not definitive. Much more research is needed. But they raise serious questions that cast doubt on the adequacy of the FCC rules to safeguard public health. The FCC emissions cap allows 20 times more radiation to reach the head than the body as a whole, does not account for risks to children's developing brains and smaller bodies and considers only short-term cell phone use, not frequent calling patterns over decades."

When I talked with the spokesman for Bodywell he couldn't explain what was meant by the PR verbiage and argued that the shielding effect isn't understood scientifically, only technologically. He also claimed the measurements conducted by their lab (the results can be found on are real and reproducible. So, if any of you are experts in the world of RF, have the right test gear, and want to take shot at seeing whether the Bodywell chip (priced at $29.99) does what it claims, please get in touch.

Addendum: I just received another similar product, the R2L (Radiation to Light) ... "As seen on TV" (for only $19.99), billed as "a new gadget that uses technology to convert cell phone radiation into harmless light."

The pitch continued: "The R2L is a microprocessor that reduces cell phone and smart phone radiation by converting it into electricity, then discharging the electricity as light. You are exposed to less cell phone radiation, and you can see the light that discharged."

Hummm. "By attaching an R2L to the back of your cell phone, smartphone or case, you can reduce your exposure to radiation by as much as 70% without holding the phone away from your ear as directed in most cell phone manuals ... The R2L was tested in accordance with FCC approved SAR, Specific Absorption of Radiation, testing methods and does not affect call quality or clarity."

I got my sweaty hands on a sample and stuck it, as suggested, on the back of my iPhone 4 where the R2L's glue-laden back attached itself like a limpet from hell. So far, I have seen no light discharges. I leave conclusions about the efficacy of the R2L as an exercise for the reader.


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