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Will iOS 7 finally make traditional PCs irrelevant?

John Cox | June 10, 2013
UI redesign, plus deeper changes are next steps in post-PC era.

Solution: "As CPU, memory and storage levels increase, these issues should diminish but there are clearly some aspects of these that are OS-dependent."

Other changes that would give iOS 7 the heft to deal with more complex tasks include:

  • a more granular iCloud backup, so you don't need to restore your entire device to recover one file
  • some kind of simpler, sane password management system
  • improved iOS virtual keyboard with, among other changes, more predictable autocorrect and a "text selection interface" that uses something other than the required "tap-and-hold" interaction
  • "wrist protection APIs," meaning a standard mechanism that digital ink, drawing, art, PDF annotators and other apps can use so that resting your wrists on the screen isn't confused with a gesture
  • abolishing the current 50MB limit that some Apple apps apply to cellular downloads
  • letting users select and set their own default apps, starting with email and browsing

Speirs argues that this "conceptually small set of changes," rather than a "ground-up rethink" or changes to make iOS "more like our existing desktop OSes," is what's needed "to satisfy more of the needs of the power user."

Monday's WWDC keynote, at 1 p.m. EDT, will reveal to what degree.


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