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Will Ford's open-source car API drive us to distraction?

Evan Dashevsky | April 1, 2013
Ford's new app competition based on an automative API portends a new linked-in world on the road.

This type of location-aware ability will also affect how parents monitor their teenager's activities outside the house or employers peeking in on their employees on the road. Aside from privacy issues inherent in location-aware tech, there is the possibility (really, the probability) that these automotive technologies will be used for nefarious purposes. As anything becomes increasingly intelligent, it also becomes increasingly corruptible. This is particularly concerning in light of the recent spate of hacks organized on a global scale.

While drivers will find many benefits of a Web-enabled ride, nobody wants their car to become the plaything of a bored teenager somewhere in Eastern Europe.

Technology's march is as inevitable as it is unstoppable; our cars--along with everything else in our lives--will only become increasingly connected. Smartphones let us carry the Web with us everywhere, and smart cars will mean that even behind the wheel, we're still plugged in.


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