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Why the future of package delivery is better than drones

Mike Elgan | Oct. 3, 2016
A drone alone can't make 'last-mile' home delivery scale. But robots can. Here's how.

Zume claims two more trucks are coming soon and that the company will expand in the Bay Area before going national and international later.

Zume Pizza is only partially high-tech. Humans make the crust using a mechanical dough press, add the toppings, load and drive the truck, slice the pizza and carry it to the door. Zume is looking to eventually automate all that as well.

The genius behind Zume Pizza is that the process of auto-cooking pizzas in the trucks makes it possible to deliver up to 56 piping-hot pizzas per trip, rather than just a few warm soggy ones.

It looks like we're on the brink of making automated and robotic home delivery scale. That will improve customer satisfaction, bring down costs and probably improve safety and the environmental impact of delivery as well.

The future of delivery isn't drones. It's robots. And it's coming soon to a door near you!


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