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Why Simpsons World will destroy the U.S. but not Canada

Philip Michaels | July 24, 2014
The U.S. could fall into ruin as millions tune in to cable channel FXX's marathon showing of every "Simpsons" episode ever, to be followed by a “Simpsons World” website and app. A perfect opportunity for Canada, which is geo-blocked, to take over the continent, as it's always really wanted to.

simpsons world promo

Earlier this week, we brought you word of Simpsons World, the forthcoming app and website that promises to bring humanity to a standstill with on-demand access to every episodes of The Simpsons along with extensive search and supplemental features.

Think I'm exaggerating about that? Then behold this chilling promo from FXX, the cable channel ushering in our doom, which imagines a world in which we can watch 552 Simpsons episodes whenever we darn well feel like it.

So yeah, we're goners. At least we'll know that, as society crumbles around us, it will be backed by the soundtrack of Bart's prank calls to Moe's Tavern and assorted Troy McClure appearances.

But don't fret, Canada--you'll be spared. The Calgary Herald reports that Canadians will be blocked from Simpsons World. Perhaps that's a bitter pill to swallow now--Americans enjoying unfettered access to the entire Simpsons canon, while you must make do with aging VHS tapes of Don Cherry on Coach's Corner. But just think how satisfied you'll feel this October when everything south of the 49th Parallel begins to turn to ash.


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