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Why iOS is the future of Apple (and how we got here)

Michael deAgonia | June 10, 2013
As the world shifts to mobile devices, Apple puts its development resources where they matter

Jobs turned out to be right when he bet the future of Apple on OS X 12 years ago, because iOS is nothing more than OS X evolved, a modern take on an operating system that continues to deliver on the desktop, even as the times pass it by.

And that's why iOS is so important: because it powers the computer you always have with you. The Mac may be the Digital Hub for your traditional peripherals, but the iPhone is truly at the center of today's modern lifestyle. With its low cost, array of sensors and wireless connection options, these pocket computers will be used to connect hardware, services, and people in a way that never made sense with traditional computers.

Simply put, iOS is the future. And that's why when Cook and other Apple executives take the stage on Monday, they'll surely talk about OS X 10.9 and whatever improvements they have in mind for it. But the future they envision depends on iOS 7 and its successors.


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