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Why graphics card lust is the cruelest obsession: Relentless upgrades take no prisoners

Gordon Mah Ung | June 18, 2015
They say it takes a little masochism to be "into PC's." I'd say they're wrong--because sometimes it's a lot of masochism.

Previous rumor stories had called the new card the 390X, but that nomenclature instead appears to be a rebrand of existing AMD GPUs (if the rumors are correct). 

If you revisit at the chart above, you'll see AMD's last top-end GPU launch was the Radeon R9 290X in October of 2013, not counting the Radeon R9 295 X2 that combined two 290X cards. That's more than 19 months since the company's last big launch. In that same time span, Nvidia has launched the 980, Titan X and now the 980 Ti in the high-end.

To say there's high expectations of AMD's so-called Fury is an understatement. If the 3-series cards are indeed rebrands of elderly cards, the only excitement the company will garner from gamers who always want moar will be with the Fury.

The problem for AMD is Nvidia's GeForce 980 Ti. With near-Titan X performance and camped out at $650, there isn't much maneuvering room for the Fury series of cards if the performance doesn't knock it out of the ball park.

So Titan X owners, your time in the limelight may have been short, but at least your sacrifice was for the greater good of Nvidia's product lineup. And honestly, that's always been the way with all technology introductions.


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