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Why good employees leave (and how you can keep them)

Sharon Florentine | Oct. 31, 2013
If you're losing good workers and you're not sure why, the problem may lie with your firm's management style. The good news is that you can make small changes that will make a huge difference when it comes to employee retention.

At Mondo, says Duarte, employee retention efforts are focused on the little ways to make employees lives easier, both at work and at home, she says.

"At Mondo, for example, it can be as simple as having a bowl of fresh fruit in the break room. It can be something like offering a dry-cleaning service that picks up and delivers items for employees while they're at work. Little things that emphasize the importance of work-life balance go a long way toward making employees feel that they're not just disposable cogs in a wheel, but a valuable asset to the company, and to their families," says Duarte.

With such a high demand for top IT talent, you can't afford to have their top employees jump ship. By constantly inviting feedback, listening to employees' concerns and incorporating that into the fabric of everyday life -- both for the company and for employees' home lives -- you can ensure they're keeping and nurturing the best and brightest, Duarte says.

"There is a talent shortage, and you're going to have to give a little to be able to retain top talent," Duarte says. "You don't have to be a mega-billion-dollar corporation or spend tons of money to give people luxury perks or rockstar treatment; what you do have to do is give people the opportunity to grow, and to evolve and change to meet the needs of your employees," she says.


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