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Why floors, walls and ceilings are the next interface

Mike Elgan | April 13, 2015
We already have the technology. It's just not cheap enough yet.

Instead of being narrowly focused on tiny screens, ignoring and blocking out everything around us, we'll be able to use interfaces that will (when we choose) be in the environment generally -- interfaces that are more shareable and therefore social. The people we interact with will be life size.

It's also worth pointing out that although these interfaces can be very large -- taking up an entire wall instead of just the space on a laptop screen -- they also vanish when you're not using them. The walls return to being walls and the windows return to being windows.

Sure, I think we'll always have tiny screens when we choose to use them. But soon we'll have a huge variety of bold new options for turning the walls, floors, ceilings, tabletops, windows and other surfaces around us into interactive windows to our information and entertainment, and to the people we want to be with.


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