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Why Amazon Locker is better than home delivery

Monty Ashley | July 29, 2014
It's a lot of fun to order things from Amazon, even aside from the primal pleasure of acquiring new stuff. If you have a bad memory for details, it can be like receiving presents from somebody who knows exactly what you want. Or what you wanted last week, anyway. And the presents are traditionally delivered directly to your front door, which is great.

Besides the issues mentioned above — unreliable building managers, passersby with sticky fingers — there are other situations where Amazon Locker is a better way to go than home delivery. It's entirely possible that you might not want the people you live with to know that you've received something. This is not to say that you necessarily have anything to be ashamed of — maybe, it's a surprise gift, maybe you sublet with brigands. There are all sorts of possibilities for why you might want a place where you can receive packages in secret, safe from the prying eyes of your neighbors and roommates. Amazon Lockers let you pick up your package on your schedule, not the arcane and unknowable schedule that governs front door delivery.

The process of having something delivered to a locker is just like having it delivered to a home. The only extra step is deciding which locker will be your package's destination.

In fact, this would be a fun way to give someone a present. Imagine it: It's your birthday, and you receive an unsigned card telling you to go to a random street corner. You enter a string of characters and receive a mysterious package. This whole experience sounds a lot more interesting than just finding shoving a present into somebody's hands. Most lockers are in convenient, accessible places but a little searching would no doubt find one that's in an acceptably shadowy corner.

With the right state of mind, every Amazon order could take on the flavor of a mysterious present from an unknown benefactor. All you need to do is decouple the deliveries from your front door.


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